Genie’s Disorders And How To Protect From Her

Genie’s Disorders And How To Protect From Her

As explained in the previous article that genies exist and some of them can interfere with humans. Often we hear people’s stories, when passing through a place sounds strange sounds, such as the sound of a baby or a small child crying, but when searched for the source of the sound is not found, suddenly there is a noise or throwing objects, but when the source is searched there is nothing. There are also times when passing through a place there are strange apparitions that make people afraid because the shape is scary.

Among the human error in addressing this phenomenon is they then cult the genies of the watchmen of certain places. They gave offerings to the genie guarding the place in the hope that the genies would not disturb them. There are even humans who worship genies, slaughter animals to offer to genies, they hope these genies can bring benefits to them or keep the danger away from them. Whereas as Muslims, we know that only Allah has the power to turn people on and off, give a fortune, rain, keep us from danger and others.

Genie is like a human being, a creature created by Allah to worship Him alone, not associating Him with anything, according to the word of God which means, “And I did not create genie and humans except only to worship Me.” (Adz Dzariyat: 56)

The genie does not have the power to benefit or bring harm without the permission of God. So that humans do not need to be afraid of jinns, especially to worship them.

Then how do we take refuge from this genie?

The main thing is we always try to carry out the commands of Allah and His Messenger, stay away from what is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and immediately repent of all the mistakes we make. As the Word of the Prophet Muhammad means, “Keep Allah undoubtedly Allah will guard you, keep Allah undoubtedly He will be present before you.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Tirmidhi).
The meaning of hadith:
– Take care of God: Take care of God’s rules, carry out obligations and avoid being forbidden.
– He will be present before you: God will help you in every situation you need.

Next is that we read a lot of dhikrs, routinely reciting dhikr because God promises protection to those who read dhikr in the morning and evening, and read the Koran a lot because by reading the Qur’an the heart is always alive. Other readings that we are recommended to read often are throne verse, an Naas surah, and al falaq.
So little about the interference of the genie and how to take refuge from it, hopefully, it is useful.

Get to know Genie

Get to know Genie

In this life, we often hear about the genie. About genie’s existence, there are people who believe that genie exists, there are also people who don’t believe it. Believers believe in genie’s existence. Even people who believe genie’s existence some of them cult genie or worships genie. Then, how does Islam look at genie’s existence?

Allah says in one of the verses, which means: “And We have created a genie before (Adam) from a very hot fire.” (Al Hijr 27). And also His word which means “And We have created the genie from the flame.” (Ar Rahman 15)
In the Qur’an it is narrated that Prophet Sulayman had enormous power, his people were from genies and humans. When he wanted to move the queen’s throne Bilqis there was a genie who was willing. But the prophet Sulayman preferred the godly man because the ability of the genie was still inferior to the abilities of the godly man.

In a hadith narrated when Abu Hurairah was in charge of guarding the food warehouse, there was a thief who took food. The thief was captured by Abu Hurairah. But was released again by Abu Hurairah because he was sorry for the thief. The incident repeated up to 3 times. On the third occasion, Abu Hurairah did not release him. But finally released also after the thief taught Abu Hurairah a very useful practice. When this incident was told to the prophet Muhammad, he said that the thief was actually a genie.

In everyday life, we often hear stories about people who met a genie. Genie lives in a different world from humans. One of their advantages is that they can see humans, but humans cannot see genies, only certain people can see genie. Most genies have the ability to change their form and appear in front of humans. Sometimes we hear about the appearance of a genie who is like a giant, there are certain susceptible animals and so on. This genie is also like a human, there is life there is death, there are anger and hostility, there is a call for prosperity and evil, and so on. They also eat, drink, get married, have children, have fears like humans.

The similarity of genie and humans is all that God created that was created to worship Him. Speaking the word of God which means: ” And not we create genie and humans except only worship Me “. (Adz Dzariyat: 56)
Genies will enter heaven if they believe in Allah and His Messenger, and they will go to hell if they do not believe. While the evil genies, they will invite humans for evil, interfere good humans by entering into the human body so that humans become crazy or sick, or by scaring humans. For this, the Prophet Muhammad has asked us to read readings for fortification from monitoring Genie, such as ta’awudz (a’udzubillaahi minasy syaithonirrojiim), the throne verse, an Naas surah, al falaq surah and other readings.