Back To The World

Back To The World

Back to Mr. Joy who was in the world of genie, he asked to be returned to his home. But it still hasn’t been approved by the genies. When the call to prayer echoed, the genies ran in fear. This happened several times, when the call to prayer echoed, the genies must have run away in fear. Then Mr. Joy knew, it turned out that the genies were disturbed by the presence of Mr. Joy in his village. The genies were so disturbed by the sound of the call to prayer, the sound of the reading “al Quran”, and other dzikir readings sung by Mr. Joy and the villagers. The genies wanted to release Mr. Joy as long as Mr. Joy wanted to stop all of his activities, namely the genies asked that there be no more adzan voices, the recitation of “al Quran”, and other dzikir readings. As a devout Muslim, of course, the requests of the genies were not granted by Mr. Joy. Every time these genies asked Mr. Joy to stop all his worship, but Mr. Joy always rejected it.

Because Mr. Joy was firm in his stance, the genies finally gave up. The genies wanted to return Mr. Joy to his house. So Mr. Joy was escorted to the exit of the genies world. When returning to the human realm, Mr. Joy came out in the bamboo forest behind his house. When he came out at his house there was a crowd, it turned out that it was the 7th day of the death of Mr. Joy, and there were still customs in the village, the event commemorating the 7th day of the death of Mr. Joy. The appearance of Mr. Joy certainly surprised the family and the villagers. Between feelings of fear, shock, curiosity, happiness mixed into one.

Didn’t Mr. Joy die 7 days ago? Then who was this? Who was buried 7 days ago who? Mr. Joy tried to convince everyone that he was still alive, still healthy as seen now. The family and the villagers were curious, who had been buried 7 days ago. They agreed to dismantle Mr. Joy’s tomb. After Mr. Joy’s tomb was dismantled, it was found that there was no human body inside, only a hoe belonging to Mr. Joy. All this time the family and villagers thought that Joy had died, it turned out that he was still alive and well. Families and villagers were glad that Mr. Joy came back to life in their midst. That day, which was planned for the 7th day of the death of Mr. Joy, was changed to a thanksgiving event for Mr. Joy.

Kidnapped by Genie

Kidnapped by Genie

On this occasion I will tell you about the incident experienced by my aunt’s grandfather-in-law, let’s call him Mr. Joy. The true story of Mr. Joy. He was a hardworking farmer. Early in the morning after the morning prayer, he had left for the rice fields. He went home for a while in the afternoon for lunch, prayers and rest, then left again for the rice fields. He was well-known as a devout Muslim, diligently worshiping, praying, reading the “Qur’an,” and other worship.

Until one day, as usual, he went to the rice fields. Coming home from the rice fields in the afternoon, he put his hoe behind the house. After that suddenly he felt that someone had brought him to a very strange place, he was left in one place. Instead of entering into his own house, but a place he had never entered into it. It was like a human settlement, but it was not clear who they were. That looks just like human traffic. Until finally it was clear to him that it turned out that they were not human, but the genie group. It turned out that he had been taken by the genie into their realm. Realizing this, he asked the genies to return him to his house, but the genies did not want to approve. So Mr. Joy lived in the world of genies for a while.

Meanwhile, at the same time, there was a furor at Mr. Joy’s house. The family found him in a lifeless condition behind the house. Of course, the family in particular and the villagers in general, felt sad to see that incident. This morning Mr. Joy was still healthy, in good health, still going to the fields, but in the afternoon he was found dead. Finally the next day the family and villagers buried Mr. Joy’s body in the village cemetery.
Then what happened to Mr. Joy next?

To be continued

Get to Know God

Get to know God

There is a saying that says “do not know then no love”. So how can we love something while we don’t know it? Of course, it is impossible. Likewise, when hoping to love God, the first step we must do is know God. What is meant by knowing here is not just knowing, but by knowing that our hearts can feel secure when we are down, feel safe when overwritten by fear, hoping for forgiveness when making mistakes, fearing His torment if we sin, and so on.
Among the ways to know God is that we believe that God exists. If we look at this world, there are many kinds of creatures with various shapes, colors, and so on. We see the sun, moon, stars, planets, and others. Of course, there are all those who hold it, it is impossible for all of them to exist by themselves. Houses, tables, chairs, and cabinets exist because someone made them, namely carpenters. Likewise, with this universe, the earth, and its contents, someone must have made it. Who is that?

The existence of something does not require the appearance of something. We know that God is not visible, but that does not mean that God does not exist. We are sure that the wind is there, but we cannot see what the wind is like, what color it is, what it looks like, certainly the wind is there. We can feel hot or cold, but the form of heat or cold we do not know, what color we also do not know, certainly there are hot and cold. When we have a headache we feel dizzy, but if we are asked what the dizziness’s form or color is, of course, we can’t explain, there is definitely a headache and we can feel it. Likewise, with God, we cannot see it but we are sure of His existence with signs of His existence.

We can see that the sun and moon appear to move in a regular manner, never colliding. Can they move on their own or is there someone who move them? The coconut fruit, initially in the form of a flower, then becomes a small coconut, then it grows bigger, inside there is the flesh and there is water. If we divide the coconut tree we don’t find coconut or coconut flowers, but suddenly coconut fruit can appear, does it happen by itself or is there someone who set it? If we eat bread, we put the bread in our mouths, we swallow, then the bread enters the stomach and so on until it becomes energy for our body, does the incident happen on its own or is there something to regulate it? And there are still many events in this world, from our own bodies to the universe, we can see everything is going well. Of course, there is something that governs it, namely God.

God has explained to us in many verses about His existence, including:
1. Meaning: He Who created you from the ground, and then your death is determined, and there is another death that is determined (to resurrect) which is on His side (which He himself knows), then you are still in doubt ( about generating it). (Al-An’am: 2)
2. Meaning: Surely We have created you (Adam), then We form your body (Al-A’rof: 11)
3. Meaning: Are they created without anything or do they create (themselves)? Or have they created the heavens and the earth? actually, they don’t believe (what they say). Or is there a treasury on their side of your Lord or are they in power? (Ath-Thuur: 35-37)

And there are many more verses that explain the signs of God’s existence. Then, are we among those who believe?