The Day Of Gallstone Operation

The Day Of Gallstone Operation

The day had come. The day I was operated on in one of the hospitals in the third city, the operation of taking gallstones. I arrived at the hospital during the day. The operation was in the afternoon. Accompanied by parents, younger siblings, uncles, aunts and other relatives, I headed to the operating room. This was the first time I have had an operation, even this was the first time I had to be hospitalized. How did it feel to be operated on? I didn’t know, it didn’t feel at all. Because I was totally sedated.

The operation of taking gallstones started in the afternoon, took about 2 hours. One of my uncles became the family representative as a witness. When the doctor asked my uncle whether or not my gallbladder was taken, my uncle answered no. My uncle didn’t want my organs to decrease. My parents themselves did not dare to see the operation process, maybe they did not have the heart. Who were the parents who have the heart to see their children dissected?
Alhamdulillah, thank God, the operation went smoothly. A few hours after the operation I began to regain consciousness. When I saw the clock, it was almost midnight. I was alone in one of the rooms. Tried to recall what just happened. The last thing I remembered, I was invited to chat by a nurse, then they injected something. After that, I no longer knew what had happened. Apparently, it was an injection to anesthetize me. Sometime later I was invited to chat again by the nurse, questioned by them, maybe to know the level of my awareness. Until finally, I was fully aware, my parents, younger siblings and other family entered my room. Something strange I felt with my nose like something was blocking. It turned out that there was a small hose that was inserted through my nose, I did not know what for when taken by the nurse it turned out that the hose was quite long. I thought the hose was just short, rather surprised me.

Then what about the gallstones? I was shown the gallstones that had been taken, it turns out there were 3 small stones, the size of the diameter was about 1 to 2 cm. The stones were very hard, it was just right to make my stomach hurt. Maybe it’s because they rubbed each other so that it made my stomach sore. I wondered how can there be 3 very small pieces of rock in my gallbladder? Until now I did not know the answer, because the doctor did not know the answer. He said it might occur due to certain cholesterol deposits. While from the laboratory check my cholesterol condition was still normal. The doctor advised me that if I wanted to find out more about the cause of the gallstones, the gallstones were taken to the laboratory for examination. But until now I have not worked on this suggestion, so I did not know the exact cause of gallstones. Or can any of you explain it to me?



One thing that is strange and has not been imagined by me what is gallstones. What I often hear is kidney stones. Because many cases have occurred regarding acquaintances affected by kidney stones, as for gallstones, it is very rare. Until finally, I experienced it myself, what are gallstones? Even some friends also asked what is gallstones? Someone said, maybe kidney stones. So I replied, gallstones. Different from kidney stones. I myself do not know what gallstones are. I also don’t know why I can get gallstones.

The story first when I was in college in one city, let’s call it the first city, several times I felt pain in the stomach. Pain like ulcer disease. I think it’s because my stomach had a relapse, I happen to have an ulcer disease. When the pain in my stomach relapsed until I was unable to stand up, my body felt weak, the most comfortable position of the body was lying down with the body folded like when it was cold. Besides that, cold sweat also came out. One day I ate something, suddenly my stomach started to feel sore. Relapsed. I think this might be because the food has expired, so it’s poisonous. I then asked my friend to find a young coconut. As far as I know, food poisoning is one of the medicines by drinking young coconut water. After drinking the young coconut water, my stomach did not immediately heal. It took about 1 hour for my stomach to begin to feel comfortable again. The occurrence of my stomach felt sore recurred several times. But I still considered it as an ordinary ulcer disease.

One time I worked in the second city. In the beginning, I worked there was no problem with my stomach. Until almost a year I worked in this second city, my stomach relapsed, sore, limp body, a cold sweat came out. Until finally I decided to see a doctor in the first city because I had an internal medicine doctor acquaintance in the first city. While in this second city I didn’t have a doctor’s acquaintance. I returned to the first city. I went to the doctor for a consultation. He advised me to check into the laboratory, USG. For the first time, I did a USG, as far as I know, the USG was to check a woman’s pregnancy (smile). I followed the doctor’s advice. I checked into the laboratory to do a USG with a letter of introduction from a doctor. I took the results of a laboratory examination to the doctor. He said there were stones in my bile, and had to be operated on. So this was where I just learned the term gallstones.

Finally, I established myself to do surgery, to carry out gallstones. I looked for a hospital in a third city that was closed to my home. I consulted the doctor at the hospital when I could do the surgery. And the decision from the doctor of the hospital the next day I was operated on. When viewed from the outside, I didn’t really look like a sick person, who even needed surgery. I still looked healthy, fit and healthy, still took the time to look at ailing aunt. So that many people didn’t expect me to be operated on.
What is the next story?

To be continued

Traditional Recipes (Kencur, Ginger and Turmeric), Third Part

Traditional Recipes (Kencur, Ginger, and Turmeric), Third Part

2. Ginger. Ginger cream to deal with sprains
Many benefits of ginger are good for medicine and for cooking spices. You can google for the benefits of ginger. This cream is a mainstay in my family if there is a family member who sprains. Take some ginger, choose the old and fresh one, then grate and apply on the sprained body part. You can do a little gentle massage on the body part that is sprained, but many suggest not to massage carelessly because it can result in worse. And then, you can wrap it with gauze or plain cloth so that the ginger cream doesn’t come loose. For some people, it will feel hot, but the heat will provide a sense of comfort in the pain of the body sprained. If the cream is dry and still feels painful, you can re-apply the ginger cream. Remember, every time you make ginger cream for one use.

3. Turmeric
A. Helps relieve menstrual pain & smooth menstruation
Prepare a pan to cook the turmeric concoction. select turmeric 5 segments that are fresh and good and then spread, then add 600ml of water, add 3 fingers of tamarind and add palm sugar. don’t forget to add a little salt. boil until the water remains 200ml. strain the water and ready to drink. it tastes better than buying packaging. Oh, drink this concoction during menstruation or when menstrual pain.

B. Helps disguise black spots on the face
How to make it very easy, which is to take fresh turmeric, cut it and paste it on black spots. wait until it’s dry and rinse with warm water. can also be used as a cream. Take 3 teaspoons of turmeric powder, add 1 teaspoon of honey, mix the two ingredients into a paste. Then apply the cream on the face, smooth and massage gently. Wait until it’s dry and rinse with warm water then rinse again with cold water. Use this turmeric cream 3 days once or twice a week. See the result, the face will look cleaner & the black spots fade.

I think these are what I can share with you first. Maybe another time I will look for more herbs that we usually use.

Traditional Recipes (Kencur, Ginger and Turmeric), Second Part

Traditional Recipes : Still About Kencur

B. Kencur and honey for cough medicine
Coughing is one of the diseases that often attack humans, children and adults. Usually accompanied by a cold. Or also because of something allergic. Kencur can be a solution to relieve coughing. There may have been many recipes to relieve coughing, including kencur, here I will give a recipe from my family. This recipe is very simple, which is to choose a good kencur, not too young and not dry. You can use kencur as much as one finger segment, clean the kencur, then grate, strain the grated and take the water. Use a really clean grater. Take the grated kencur water just one tablespoon. You can immediately drink the water from the grated kencur, or you can add a few drops of honey. You can drink it every cough come, drink the recipe immediately. Your throat will feel warm and your breathing will be relieved, insyaAllah. Honey is good for treating coughs and kencur to help relieve your throat. Besides being drunk, you can apply the results of grated kencur on the chest & back. It will be more comfortable.

C. Kencur for massage
Kencur will feel warm when applied to our skin, so we can use it for massage. How to make it? First, take some kencur, then grate. You can add a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil into grated kencur. Mix the two ingredients before, then use to massage. Attention, do not immediately take a shower after a massage. Maybe a little uncomfortable with the grater, but the grater was like a scrub. Wait a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Massage using grated kencur & coconut oil will make the body comfortable and eliminate fatigue.

D. Herbs of kencur rice
Traditional herbal drinks that made from kencur & rice taste good. In processing not only rice and kencur, but there are additions such as palm sugar and ginger. There may also be added lemon grass or pandan leaves. But enough with rice, kencur, ginger & palm sugar is able to make kencur rice herb’s drinks. In my family, herbal kencur rice is highly recommended for nursing mothers to add breast milk. And because it tastes good, it’s usually a drink for children. Many benefits of these herbal drinks.

E. Another kencur cream usage
Besides, grated kencur plus telon oil and coconut oil can help babies sleep soundly and eliminate their tiredness. In my family, babies who are late walking, usually use this cream for massage. And thank God (Alhamdulillah) succeeded. And I still remember when I was a kid, if I caught a cold and didn’t want to eat, my mother always made grated kencur and put it on my stomach.

So, that’s some of the benefits of kencur. Maybe useful.

Traditional Recipes (Kencur, Ginger, and Turmeric), First Part

Traditional Recipes (Kencur, Ginger, and Turmeric), First Part

This article tells about the efficacy of some medicinal plants, which I got from my friend. These recipes are passed down from generation to generation in her family. I and my family have tried it. Maybe this recipe is rather old-fashioned, but this is very nutritious. Besides the material is easily available around us, making it is also quite easy. There is also a way of making recipes that can be directly used, some require a process. Here I will not discuss medical facts, so if you want to see the medical facts you can ask your doctor directly. Because this is just a recipe handed down from ancestors.

Let’s see maybe there is something you need now, hopefully, it can help…
1. Kencur (Kaempferia galanga L)
Kaempferia galanga, commonly known as kencur, aromatic ginger, cutcherry, or resurrection lily, is a monocotyledonous plant in the ginger family, and one of four plants called galangal. It is found primarily in open areas in Indonesia, southern China, Taiwan, Cambodia, and India, but is also widely cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. (

Some recipes use kencur :
A. Kencur cream to overcome bruising
We usually find bruising wounds in children because of their activities due to falling or bouncing. Maybe many of the parents who do not know that it turns out with kencur can overcome bruising wounds, both for adults and children. The method is very easy, first, take the kencur, clean it, then grate it and add a few drops of coconut oil. And kencur cream is ready to be applied to bruises. At first, it will feel cold on the skin, over time it will feel warm and comfortable on the bruised skin. Wait a few minutes to dry. You can repeat the cream again if you feel the bruise has not disappeared. For small children, this includes an easy method because of the comfort that was generated from the kencur earlier. If your child throws it away before the cream is dry, you don’t need to worry, you can repeat it again when he slept. God willing (insyaaAllah), the morning the bruise is gone. This cream is very effective in my family. And many of my friends have tried it. They were greatly helped by the presence of this kencur cream. So there is no need to panic when children have bruises or lumps, enough with this cream the lumps from the bruise immediately disappear. Happy try it…

To be continued…