Ways to Fight Arrogant

Ways to Fight Arrogant

Arrogant is a very dangerous disease. This arrogant often arises in us without us knowing it. In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad said that would not enter heaven someone who in his heart had arrogant even though it was as big as dzarrah. Then there was someone who said that there are actually people who like to wear good clothes or good sandals. So the Prophet Muhammad said that Allah is Most Beautiful and likes beauty. Arrogant rejects the truth and humiliates humans. So the essence of arrogance is that when someone does not accept the truth that is conveyed to him and he demeans others, he feels better than others.

There are many ways to fight this arrogant, including:
1. All the strengths we have must be grateful for.
God has given us so much pleasure, if we want to calculate it we will not be able to. Among the blessings that Allah has given us are many possessions, good descendants, extensive knowledge and understanding, many skills, complete limbs and much more. When we see other people who are poorer than us, or there are people who lack intelligence, or there are people who have other disadvantages, this should make us grateful, it turns out we have certain advantages compared to others.
2. We must be aware that people like us are many, even more than us are very many.
When we feel smart in one science, then try to pay attention in other regions or other countries, it turns out we will find people who are smarter than us, maybe even more than one person. So we don’t need to feel arrogant with the knowledge we have. When we give charity to help build mosques in our village, we may nominally be the biggest alms among people who participate in charity. But let’s look at other areas, maybe there are people who are more alms than our charity. So do we deserve to be arrogant? We buy a new car. Then arrogance begins to appear in our hearts when we saw our neighbor’s old car. But if we notice that in other areas there are also people who have cars like the one we buy, even the cars are better than oursLikewise, with other things, many people have advantages over us, and we have to admit it.
3. Always remember that the reward for arrogant people is to be put into hell.
God threatens those who are proud of hell: “Enter the gates of Hell, while you dwell therein. Then Jahannam is the worst place for those who boast. “(Az-Zumar: 72)
So when arrogant begins to appear in us, remember the threat of God to those who are arrogant, that is, they will be put into the hell.

That’s among the arrogant fighting methods, hopefully useful. And we pray to God so that we are kept away from this arrogant.



Arrogant is one of dangerous heart disease. This disease afflicted the devil so that the devil did not want to bow down to Adam. This disease also afflicted Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab so they refused to accept the invitation of the Prophet Muhammad to convert to Islam. When God commanded the angels and the devil to prostrate to Adam, the devil refused and was arrogant. Devil did not want to bow down on the grounds that the devil felt better than Adam, the devil was created from the fire while Adam was created from the ground. Though there was no statement from God that fire is better than the ground.

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam reminded us of the dangers of the arrogant disease. He said that would not enter heaven someone who in his heart had arrogant even though it is as big as “dzarrah”. Dzarrah is a very small object. Among the explanations regarding dzarrah are small ants, mustard seeds, small dust that appears when there is light entering the room. So if there is little arrogant in our hearts, then we are threatened not to go to heaven. This arrogant disease is so dangerous that those who have arrogant diseases God will enter him into Jahannam (hell).

This arrogance can be caused by world affairs or religious affairs. People can be arrogant because of their wealth, or because of the position they have, or because of the clothes they wear, or because of their descent, or something else. For example, when we go to the mosque by car, at first there is no sense of arrogance in our hearts, then when we arrive at the mosque and we become the center of attention of the pilgrims, we begin to grow arrogant in our hearts. Or when we go to the mosque wearing good clothes, at first we don’t feel arrogant, but because we are the center of attention, this arrogant disease finally arises. So this arrogant disease is very easy to appear on us, especially when we become the center of attention of many people. The Prophet Muhammad advised us that if we are able to dress luxuriously but we prefer to dress modestly then in heaven we will be given good clothes by Allah.

This arrogant often arises in us without us knowing it, and there are many facilities leading to arrogance. Besides, because the world affairs as explained before, arrogant can also arise because of religious affairs. When we have memorized al Quran a lot, arrogance begins to appear in our hearts because seeing other people memorize it a little. With the knowledge of religion that we take and for more people to ask us about religion, arrogant arises in our hearts. If arrogant already understand us then we start doing what we say or what we do is really true. There are other people who advise us not to accept. This arrogant can be seen from our words, from the way we walk and others. Allah said which means: “And do not turn your face away from humans (because of arrogance) and do not walk on the earth arrogantly. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are arrogant and pride themselves. (Q. Luqman: 18)
The Prophet Muhammad said when he explained about arrogant, arrogant is rejecting the truth and demeaning humans. Hopefully, we will avoid this arrogant disease.

I Became A Father

I Became A Father

One of the purposes of marriage is to get offspring. How many people who are married really crave the presence of a child. There are those who after getting married the wife immediately gets pregnant, then the baby is born safely, there are also those who have been married for years but have not yet got offspring. Ironically there are those who are given the gift of children by the Almighty, but their children are thrown away, wasted or even killed. Even though children are our investment in the hereafter. In a hadith, the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said about deeds that would not break the reward even though we had died one of them was a godly child who prayed for us as his parents. Then it is truly a loss if we have children but the child is actually wasted or not educated to be a godly child.

I am one of the lucky ones because God has given me offspring, thank God. And really amazing, so fast God gave me a child. Before I married my wife was menstruating, right on the wedding day my wife was not menstruating. A month later it turned out that my wife was not menstruating. Then my wife took a pregnancy test, the result was that she was positively pregnant. Allah is the Greatest. So soon God gave me the trust of a child. Pregnancy was a very hard time for my wife. My wife and I undergo long-distance relationships because I worked in another city. I usually went home every two weeks. My wife lived a fairly hard life, pregnant and far away from me. We know the condition of pregnant women, especially in the early days of pregnancy, frequent vomiting, appetite and others. Even my wife’s condition lasted for months, until the time of birth. At that time the Hajj season arrived. My parents left for Hajj. My mother hoped to leave Hajj with the first group so that when my wife gave birth she could accompany her. Qodarullah, my wife gave birth faster than expected.

Wednesday afternoon I left for the city where I worked. Thursday afternoon I got news from my sister if my wife was hospitalized. So on Friday morning I went home and went straight to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital on Friday afternoon. I got a story from my wife that yesterday she was sick, high heat. Then he went to the midwife because the midwife was worried about the condition of the baby in the womb of my wife so the midwife suggested that my wife was taken to the hospital. After being hospitalized the opposite condition happened to my wife and baby in her womb. If my wife’s condition improves, in contrast to the baby in my wife’s stomach, the baby’s condition declined. Finally, the doctor advised my wife to have a cesarean operation to take the baby. Sunday morning was the day of the operation. I, my sisters and my aunt waited outside the operating room. A moment later a baby crying. We were still waiting outside worriedly. Sometime later the doctor came out of the operating room and told us if the baby was born. Allahu akbar, thank God. Wow, amazing. Then the doctor asked me to report to the registration section. Immediately I ran to the registration section, I was asked by officers, the baby boy or girl? I’m confused because I didn’t know my son or daughter. Apparently so happy and happy, I forgot to ask the doctor, my son or daughter. Various feelings were mixed in me, this was how it felt to be a father. Even though there was a little worry because my child was born at the age of the womb which was only 7 months old. Yes, only 7 months. My child was born prematurely, a baby girl weighing only 19 ounces, was very small compared to other babies in a special baby room.

Do you have experience with premature babies?

The First Time I Met A Genie

The First Time I Met A Genie

This is my wife’s real spooky story. Satan/devil and the genie is God’s creation that we cannot see. But it’s popular with named “ghost”. They can be seen by the will of Allah, because of our fears, or because of their strength. Our fears are one source of their strength. They exist but their existence is invisible to humans. So before you begin to read these stories, say Bismillaah (with the name of Allah). And then ta’awudz: A’uudzubillaahi minasy syaithoonirrajiim (I took refuge in Allah from the accusation of the accursed devil).

This story began when I was in senior high school. There was no stranger that night, I got out of my house to wash my face & brush my teeth before taking a nap. For information, I live in a small house with 2 small bedrooms, a kitchen, a small bathroom & a little shop. And the house was only 8×6 meters in size. Yes, very small for a house in a village. I live there with my parents. In front of my house, there were a road village & rice fields. The back side of the house was a rainwater reservoir. Continue the story, I got out of the house & turn the faucet of the rainwater reservoir. My position was facing the road and there was nothing but the darkness of the rice fields. I began to brush my teeth, suddenly I looked at the road. I saw a figure in a large black and white robe standing floating with an invisible face looking at my house. I saw the figure for a few seconds, then I looked away. When I looked back at it earlier, it turned out that the figure was gone. I did not want to think about anything about the figure, I finished my toothbrush immediately and washed my face and immediately went into the house. Trying to forget what I just saw and got some sleep. Maybe just plastic that the farmer has installed to drive the birds away. Tomorrow morning, I would try to check it again.

The next morning, I tried to find out what I had seen last night. Looked around the location that was visible from where I was standing last night. there was nothing there, not even the plastic I thought the farmers had installed to drive the birds away. Completely empty… only a green expanse of rice plants. Then what did I see last night? Even though it was still early, if the farmer released the bird’s repellent, of course, I saw the rest of the installation. I didn’t want to bother thinking about this, but I was wrong… Apparently, it was the first time I saw a creature named genie. And it was the beginning of the vision of supernatural beings.

Genie’s Disorders And How To Protect From Her

Genie’s Disorders And How To Protect From Her

As explained in the previous article that genies exist and some of them can interfere with humans. Often we hear people’s stories, when passing through a place sounds strange sounds, such as the sound of a baby or a small child crying, but when searched for the source of the sound is not found, suddenly there is a noise or throwing objects, but when the source is searched there is nothing. There are also times when passing through a place there are strange apparitions that make people afraid because the shape is scary.

Among the human error in addressing this phenomenon is they then cult the genies of the watchmen of certain places. They gave offerings to the genie guarding the place in the hope that the genies would not disturb them. There are even humans who worship genies, slaughter animals to offer to genies, they hope these genies can bring benefits to them or keep the danger away from them. Whereas as Muslims, we know that only Allah has the power to turn people on and off, give a fortune, rain, keep us from danger and others.

Genie is like a human being, a creature created by Allah to worship Him alone, not associating Him with anything, according to the word of God which means, “And I did not create genie and humans except only to worship Me.” (Adz Dzariyat: 56)

The genie does not have the power to benefit or bring harm without the permission of God. So that humans do not need to be afraid of jinns, especially to worship them.

Then how do we take refuge from this genie?

The main thing is we always try to carry out the commands of Allah and His Messenger, stay away from what is forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and immediately repent of all the mistakes we make. As the Word of the Prophet Muhammad means, “Keep Allah undoubtedly Allah will guard you, keep Allah undoubtedly He will be present before you.” (Narrated by Ahmad and Tirmidhi).
The meaning of hadith:
– Take care of God: Take care of God’s rules, carry out obligations and avoid being forbidden.
– He will be present before you: God will help you in every situation you need.

Next is that we read a lot of dhikrs, routinely reciting dhikr because God promises protection to those who read dhikr in the morning and evening, and read the Koran a lot because by reading the Qur’an the heart is always alive. Other readings that we are recommended to read often are throne verse, an Naas surah, and al falaq.
So little about the interference of the genie and how to take refuge from it, hopefully, it is useful.

Get to know Genie

Get to know Genie

In this life, we often hear about the genie. About genie’s existence, there are people who believe that genie exists, there are also people who don’t believe it. Believers believe in genie’s existence. Even people who believe genie’s existence some of them cult genie or worships genie. Then, how does Islam look at genie’s existence?

Allah says in one of the verses, which means: “And We have created a genie before (Adam) from a very hot fire.” (Al Hijr 27). And also His word which means “And We have created the genie from the flame.” (Ar Rahman 15)
In the Qur’an it is narrated that Prophet Sulayman had enormous power, his people were from genies and humans. When he wanted to move the queen’s throne Bilqis there was a genie who was willing. But the prophet Sulayman preferred the godly man because the ability of the genie was still inferior to the abilities of the godly man.

In a hadith narrated when Abu Hurairah was in charge of guarding the food warehouse, there was a thief who took food. The thief was captured by Abu Hurairah. But was released again by Abu Hurairah because he was sorry for the thief. The incident repeated up to 3 times. On the third occasion, Abu Hurairah did not release him. But finally released also after the thief taught Abu Hurairah a very useful practice. When this incident was told to the prophet Muhammad, he said that the thief was actually a genie.

In everyday life, we often hear stories about people who met a genie. Genie lives in a different world from humans. One of their advantages is that they can see humans, but humans cannot see genies, only certain people can see genie. Most genies have the ability to change their form and appear in front of humans. Sometimes we hear about the appearance of a genie who is like a giant, there are certain susceptible animals and so on. This genie is also like a human, there is life there is death, there are anger and hostility, there is a call for prosperity and evil, and so on. They also eat, drink, get married, have children, have fears like humans.

The similarity of genie and humans is all that God created that was created to worship Him. Speaking the word of God which means: ” And not we create genie and humans except only worship Me “. (Adz Dzariyat: 56)
Genies will enter heaven if they believe in Allah and His Messenger, and they will go to hell if they do not believe. While the evil genies, they will invite humans for evil, interfere good humans by entering into the human body so that humans become crazy or sick, or by scaring humans. For this, the Prophet Muhammad has asked us to read readings for fortification from monitoring Genie, such as ta’awudz (a’udzubillaahi minasy syaithonirrojiim), the throne verse, an Naas surah, al falaq surah and other readings.

Ain, The Evil Of Eye

Ain, The Evil Of Eye

The human eye is the organ through which we can see. We use our eyes in almost everything we do. Sight is the most precious of our five sense – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The eyesight is the mode of perception they value (and fear to lose) most.

Despite this, many people don’t have a good understanding of the bad effect of bad sight. How can? In Moslem religion, it’s called ‘ain or the evil of eye. It can occur when people amazed about someone or something and they forget to say “maasyaaAllaah” (if Allah wills). It can occur with direct views, photos or videos.

Believe or not it occur around me. It happened to my children. When they grow well and look healthy, we praise them, but we forgot to say “maasyaaAllaah or tabaarokallaah” sometime later they become sick, fever and won’t eat. Their body becomes thin and we aware that it could happen when we forgot to praise God with his pleasure to our children.
The evil of eye, it’s called ‘ain in Islam, is a disease in body or soul that caused by good sight or bad sight, that used by Satan and can be dangerous to people or something. It doesn’t make sense or hard to accept the reason. But the prophet Muhammad shallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said: “the bad eye (‘ain) is real, if something can overtake a fate, ‘ain can do it”.

How the bad eye can happen by photos and videos?
Photos of baby or kids or ourselves that we posted on social media, it can the cause of ‘ain. For example, we posted our cute baby, the baby can become sick or cry for no apparent reason. Even when we take them to a doctor and no disease in it. That can happen even though we don’t mean good or bad by looking at the photo or video. That’s the way I call the ‘ain is the evil of eye. Because it happens although we do not intend to endanger.

It is just a simple example we found in our world. Sometimes it can be an accident and a death. So, be careful with your sight, though it means good sight or a bad sight. Don’t forget to praise God. Say: “maasyaaAllaah”.

Get to Know God

Get to know God

There is a saying that says “do not know then no love”. So how can we love something while we don’t know it? Of course, it is impossible. Likewise, when hoping to love God, the first step we must do is know God. What is meant by knowing here is not just knowing, but by knowing that our hearts can feel secure when we are down, feel safe when overwritten by fear, hoping for forgiveness when making mistakes, fearing His torment if we sin, and so on.
Among the ways to know God is that we believe that God exists. If we look at this world, there are many kinds of creatures with various shapes, colors, and so on. We see the sun, moon, stars, planets, and others. Of course, there are all those who hold it, it is impossible for all of them to exist by themselves. Houses, tables, chairs, and cabinets exist because someone made them, namely carpenters. Likewise, with this universe, the earth, and its contents, someone must have made it. Who is that?

The existence of something does not require the appearance of something. We know that God is not visible, but that does not mean that God does not exist. We are sure that the wind is there, but we cannot see what the wind is like, what color it is, what it looks like, certainly the wind is there. We can feel hot or cold, but the form of heat or cold we do not know, what color we also do not know, certainly there are hot and cold. When we have a headache we feel dizzy, but if we are asked what the dizziness’s form or color is, of course, we can’t explain, there is definitely a headache and we can feel it. Likewise, with God, we cannot see it but we are sure of His existence with signs of His existence.

We can see that the sun and moon appear to move in a regular manner, never colliding. Can they move on their own or is there someone who move them? The coconut fruit, initially in the form of a flower, then becomes a small coconut, then it grows bigger, inside there is the flesh and there is water. If we divide the coconut tree we don’t find coconut or coconut flowers, but suddenly coconut fruit can appear, does it happen by itself or is there someone who set it? If we eat bread, we put the bread in our mouths, we swallow, then the bread enters the stomach and so on until it becomes energy for our body, does the incident happen on its own or is there something to regulate it? And there are still many events in this world, from our own bodies to the universe, we can see everything is going well. Of course, there is something that governs it, namely God.

God has explained to us in many verses about His existence, including:
1. Meaning: He Who created you from the ground, and then your death is determined, and there is another death that is determined (to resurrect) which is on His side (which He himself knows), then you are still in doubt ( about generating it). (Al-An’am: 2)
2. Meaning: Surely We have created you (Adam), then We form your body (Al-A’rof: 11)
3. Meaning: Are they created without anything or do they create (themselves)? Or have they created the heavens and the earth? actually, they don’t believe (what they say). Or is there a treasury on their side of your Lord or are they in power? (Ath-Thuur: 35-37)

And there are many more verses that explain the signs of God’s existence. Then, are we among those who believe?