Around The City Because Of The Wrong Way

Around The City Because Of The Wrong Way

This story happened when I was in college. At that time my friend invited me to go to town S. There were 8 people who participated in the group. My group and I stayed at my friend’s brother’s house. I and the group went by car. Arriving in the city, it was still noon. We went straight to my friend’s brother’s house. After resting, praying and having lunch, I and one of my friends, just call it Ded, wanted to take a walk to know the city of S, understand that this city was still unfamiliar for us. There was a female friend who wanted to come but we forbade her.

After the evening prayer, I and Ded departed. We were both on foot, our plan was to walk for a while. Out of the house, we walked right to the port. We walked down the city streets, areas that were unfamiliar for us. When we met the traffic light, we turned right, back along the city streets. Seeing old buildings, markets, high-rise buildings, everything was the first time we saw it. After some distance we walked and met the traffic light again then we turned right again, we thought if we turn right and turn right again we would be able to go back to the original road where we left. We continued walking around the city.

It didn’t feel like we had walked for more than an hour, but we hadn’t found a place where we were going. We arrived in the city center, the town square, where many people gathered and played there. We had a rest over there while watched the crowds in the town square. After enough rest, we started walking again. We were confused about where to go, then we asked someone, “Excuse me, sir, if we want to go to‘ Paragon, where do we go? “So the man replied,” How do you go?” We answered, “we walk sir”.The man said, “Wow, it far away. Just take the bus. “We said,” Okay sir.” Then we asked another person, and the answer was the same as the first man. We were always asked how we go. We wondered how far we were from the center of the city.

Finally, we continued our journey after getting someone’s instructions. We walked again along the city streets to ‘paragon’. After half an hour we walked we finally found the road where we had left. Alhamdulillah, we were very relieved and grateful that we could return to my friend’s brother’s house. Our plan to take a walk was only half an hour, eventually becoming two and a half hours.

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