Escape From The Mouth Of The Tiger Enters Into The Mouth Of The Crocodile

Escape From The Mouth Of The Tiger Enters Into The Mouth Of The Crocodile

That’s about the proverbs that correspond to the events that I experienced during junior high school. The story is when I was in junior high school, I went to school by bicycle. The distance between my house and the highway is about 4 km. There were no school buses and the other that passed in front of my house at that time, so if I wanted to go to school I would walk first or take a bicycle to the highway and then proceed by a school bus or the other. If I went to school on foot I usually leave at 5 am, arrive on the highway an hour later. But if I rode a bicycle, I leave at 5.30, usually, around 20 minutes arrive on the highway.

At that time I went to school by bicycle. As usual, I left at 5.30 in the morning. I used to ride at high speed (for bicycle size). When I arrived at one corner in my way I took the wrong track, suddenly from the opposite direction, a man cycling at a high speed appeared too. I was shocked, but the distance was so close that I could do nothing more than slightly turn my bicycle. I let go and closed my eyes. And … wuuzzz … And Alhamdulillah, thank God, it turned out that I and that guy survived, we didn’t hit each other Then I looked back at the man, apparently he also saw me. We smiled relieved, happy because there was no collision. When I looked forward, it turned out that in front of me there was a ditch as wide as my front tire. So when I looked back it turned out unconsciously the speed of my bicycle was getting to the side. And this time there’s no chance for me to dodge. And … gubraakkk … the front tire of my bike entered the ditch and I was thrown forward. Both of my palms were scratched, my uniform was dirty from the ground. Alhamdulillah, luckily for me, my bike was not damaged and I was still able to continue my journey to school, even though I was holding pain and pain in my palm and dirty uniform.

So, we must always be careful on the road. Don’t forget, always obey the traffic rules and maintain courtesy on the road.

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