Envy (Hasad)

Envy (Hasad)

Envy (hasad) is a dangerous disease. The sin that was first committed in the sky and on the earth was envy (hasad). Envy (hasad) in the sky is when the devil was envy (hasad) of Adam so that the devil did not want to bow down to Adam, while envy (hasad) on earth is when Qobil was envy (hasad) of Habil and finally Qobil killed Habil.

Envy (hasad) is that we hate if other people get more pleasure from ourselves. If we see our brother or friend having new things for example, then hatred arises in us, then that’s envy (hasad). There is a man who sees another man who turns out to be more handsome, then dislikes the other man, so that’s envy (hasad). If any of our neighbors have a new car, then dislike arises in us, then that’s envy (hasad).

Envy (hasad) usually appears in people who are the same profession, or the same as their interests. Doctors will feel envy (hasad) of fellow doctors, farmers are envy (hasad) of farmers, traders are envy (hasad) of traders, employees are envy (hasad) of employees and so forth. If we look at a company, no employee is envy (hasad) of his manager, even though his manager might be richer or better than himself. But the employees are envy (hasad) of fellow employees, maybe because the other employees are more trusted managers than they are. In a hospital, there are rarely nurses who are envy (hasad) of doctors, doctors who are envy (hasad) of other doctors, maybe because there are more patients or others. Likewise, with an ustadz, envy (hasad) can also appear in him in other ustadz, perhaps because other ustadz are more followers or others. So this envy (hasad) can appear to anyone, no matter whether he is a poor or rich, smart or stupid and others.
How to treat envy (hasad)?

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