Thinking Bad For Something

Thinking Bad For Something

There is an assumption in my area that if there is a small child who is often sick, one of the reason is that he is not strong with the name given by his parents. So the solution is to replace the child’s name with another name. This belief still exists in some communities until now. Maybe this is one thing that is strange and does not make sense to us, but that’s how some people believe.

The belief of some other people is that they will not leave on certain days because they assume that if they leave that day, bad luck will be overwritten. There is a confidence in some people that they may not hold weddings on certain days or in certain months because if they hold an event on a certain day or month it will have a bad effect.
In Islam, assuming bad luck because something is called “tathoyyur”, comes from the word “thoirun” which means bird. Arabs before Islam came to have one belief, that is if they would travel they first saw a bird or released a bird, if the bird moved to the right they would travel but if the bird moved to the left they would not leave. They assume that if the bird moves to the right it will bring good luck while if the bird moves to the left it will bring bad luck. “Tathoyyur” is not only for birds but for everything. Everything that is considered bad luck is called “tathoyyur”.

In modern life, as it is now, the unlucky assumption is still there. For example, some people consider the bad number of 13. We can see in the multi-story building there is no name for the 13th floor, there are no rooms number 13 in the hotel, in the airplanes, there are no seats in number 13 and so on, because they assume that the number 13 carries damn it.

Allah ta’ala says which means, “Know, their misfortune is truly a decree from Allah, but most of them do not know.” (Surah Al Araaf [7]: 131)
From this verse, we know that the misfortune that befell humanity is God’s decree, something that is destined by God will befall humans.

Allah ta’ala also said which means, “Your misfortune is because of you alone. If you are warned (you are unlucky)? Actually, you are people who exceed the limits. “(QS. Yaasiin [36]: 19)
From this verse we know that the misfortune that befalls us is because of our own actions, because of our own beliefs, most of us are people who transgress.

From ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud, he mentioned the hadith marfu’ – to the Apostles Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam-, which means,” Assuming bad luck is shirk, assuming bad luck is shirk “. He called it three times. Then Ibn Masud said, “Nothing can eliminate the bad guess in his heart. But Allah is the one who removes the unfortunate presumption with resignation. “(Narrated by Abu Daud no. 3910 and Ibn Majah no. 3538. Shaykh Al Albani said that this hadith is saheeh).

This hadith clearly states that “tathoyyur” includes shirk. This unfortunate presumption reduces one’s monotheism. It can even be big shirk if you believe that creatures can bring benefits or disaster for us. So it is fitting for those of us who profess faith to stay away from bad luck in birds, numbers, days or anything else.

The Second Appearance Of Genie I Saw

The Second Appearance Of Genie I Saw

The second strange event occurred on the day of graduation in high school. I took a photo of one of my male friends in front of the school office. Nothing happened there. I took a photo with a manual camera. So you couldn’t see the result unless it’s printed. After the results were printed, I didn’t really pay attention to the photo. I just saved it.

When I was in college, I saw the photo in my book. At first, it was normal, but after I looked it carefully, it turned out there was something strange. On the reflection of the glass in the school office window, there was something odd. The reflection of the glass should reflect what was in front of it, but this was different. What should be reflected were pine trees and basketball courts. but the one reflected in the window panes was the two gates liked the Hindu temple with some people wearing traditional clothes. How could anyone at the graduation ceremony dress like that? Because we have to wear the same uniform, that was black and white with a scarf. Even in the performance, there was no dress like that.

I tried to recall what was actually in front of the school office, there was no gate like the results of the photo. Or was this because of a typo? But how could it be ?? Nothing wrong with the other photos excepted this one. Once again I didn’t want to bother with this strange thing. People wore kebaya and brought like offerings on an offering altar. I tried to ask my boarding friends, did they see what I saw in the photo? Or was this just my hallucinations? And it turned out they also saw the same thing. Meaned that there was something wrong with the photo. The longer I was curious the more disturbed my mind. Finally, I decided to burn the photo. The story hasn’t ended here.

A friend next to the room often experienced strange things, she asked me to pray (ruqyah) for her. I read the verses of the Qur’an to her. She felt hot in several parts of her body. Oh, maybe it meant she has indicated there was a disturbance of the genie/satan in her. She told me that she often drove her neighbours to go to shamans. Yes, some people’s trust often went to a shaman, even though it was shirk. Religion forbids us to associate Allah with anything. Actually, it was the second time I had “ruqyah” someone. The first time when ruqyah together with clerics. Okay, continue the story. When I had ruqyah to her, nothing strange happened. She just felt the heat. Strange things happened on the night. In my dream, I got a genie/satan disorder. I have tried to read the verses of the Qur’an but the genie did not want to go. Need the struggle to escape the disturbance. I had forgotten what kind of interference I was getting, but they tried to make me afraid of their existence. Finally, I decided not to continue to had a ruqyah for her. At that time I did not have the courage to continue. After that, there was no incident or nightmare to me. Well, the story may be boring because there were no creepy incidents or genie sightings… actually, there was an apparition, only white shadows in the hallway of the room. Ah maybe it was just someone wearing mukena, I thought.

To be continued…