Rules of Convenience for Drinking and Eating

Rules of Convenience for Drinking and Eating

Here are some Islamic rules of propriety that should be observed when eating or drinking.

– It is recommended to pronounce the Tasmiya [mention of the name of Allah] before drinking and eating [Bismillah]. According to the most plausible opinion, this is a Sunnah practice that falls to each individual. In the same way, it is recommended to praise Allâh when one finishes eating or drinking [Al-Hamdulillah].

– The washing of the hand before eating.

– When we eat or drink, we must use the right hand by recommendation. Among the other rules of propriety of the table to be observed, one must eat on one’s side when it is about a single dish which one shares with others outside the members of his family. But when it comes to several dishes or dates, you can eat anywhere at will, when the dish is away or eating a meal with the family. This is permissible in the latter case since he must observe decorum with strangers and not with his wife [and children], to whom it is rather to observe the propriety of her husband. We will take a new bite after finishing the previous one.

– After drinking, we pass the container to who is on the right.

– It is forbidden to drink or eat in gold or silver containers. This is based on the word of the Prophet who said, “He who eats or drinks in a vessel (vessel) of silver and gold does swallow the fire of Hell in his belly. ”

– It is good (after eating) to suck his hand before wiping it. Among the good manners in the food, it is necessary to make that the belly is intended for a third to the food, for a third to the drink and for a third to the breathing.

– One must not blow in the meal or the drink. This is reprehensible because it is a practice that has been banned, because it may leave something uncomfortable or uncomfortable for its guest. same.

– It is not appropriate for anyone who has eaten leek, garlic or raw onion to enter a mosque. It is not desirable to eat while sitting on a flank or eating from the center of the dish.

– One should avoid eating a very hot meal and breathing in the container while drinking, this is forbidden in the scriptural tradition. Indeed, the Imam Muslim reports that: “The Messenger of Allah has forbidden to breathe in the container”. It is permissible to drink all at once, but the Sunnah stipulates to drink three times.

– Among the rules of convenience in drinking and eating, it is also recommended to suck the water while drinking. Ibn al-Qayyim said, “Experience has shown that swallowing water all at once causes liver pain and lowers its temperature. ” It may also be advised not to drink all at once, because of the risk of nuisance to the intestines which are filled with water suddenly, this one causing a sudden pressure and badly distributed. It is also recommended to drink in a sitting position. But there is no harm in standing up. Whatever remains best to do sitting.

– One cleans the mouth after eating as well as one takes care of the teeth to clear the remains of food. We will rinse the mouth after the consumption of milk.

– We must not leave the table before it is cleared. Because it is reprehensible to get up before the table is cleared, otherwise it is to act contrary to what is best. Because it may push others to leave the meal out of modesty, while he is still hungry.

– One must respond favorably to the invitation to the wedding dinner, by going there, if there is no obviously forbidden music or apparent sin. We are free during the wedding to eat or not. Imam Mâlik allowed refraining from answering the invitation if there is a large crowd present.

Do You Have Problems With Stomach Acid Or Stomach Ulcers?

Do You Have Problems With Stomach Acid Or Stomach Ulcers?

The ulcer is one of the problems that occur with our stomach. In Wikipedia, an ulcer or gastric inflammation or gastric ulcer is a symptom of a disease that attacks the stomach due to an injury or inflammation of the stomach that causes blisters, heartburn, and pain in the stomach.

The cause of this disease is mostly because people eat irregularly. As happened to me, it started when I was in second-grade senior high school. After going home from school which coincided with lunchtime, I often came home late because I attended activities at school. And sometimes after school, I didn’t eat because the subscribed food stalls were closed. Finally, lunch mixed with dinner. Until one day my stomach began to have a problem, suffering from ulcer disease. I felt this disease for some time later, but then it didn’t recur for some time.

Until finally after a dozen years later the disease recurred. The fastest trigger was after I ate food from sticky rice. After eating foods that come from sticky rice, then a few minutes later the stomach started to feel sore, it feels up to about 2 hours. After that, the stomach started normally again. Since that incident I did not dare to eat food that came from sticky rice which was immediately cooked, but if processed foods from sticky rice, the effect was not as severe as if food from sticky rice was cooked directly.

One day I got an assignment from the office where I worked in a remote area far from the city with several other office friends. We would stay at the lodge later. On the day of departure, my stomach began to feel troubled, uncomfortable, signs of relapse again. Arriving at our destination, we had dinner at the beach, grilled fish with spicy sauce, delicious. We promised to come there again tomorrow night. The next day I was accompanied by an anchor driver working at 6 in the morning. We have not had breakfast, hoping to meet the restaurant later. It turned out that it was only 4 pm that we ate, but it didn’t suit our tastes and stomachs. But we ate the meal because we were very hungry, even if only a little.

After finishing our work, we immediately returned to the inn, because it was getting darker while we had an appointment to go back to the beach for dinner. Arriving at our inn immediately to the beach where we had dinner yesterday. As before we ordered grilled fish with chili sauce which was quite spicy. In a state of the hungry stomach, eating like that really feels very delicious. But what happened to my stomach?

(to be continued)