My Child Was Born Prematurely

My Child Was Born Prematurely

The child is an investment in the hereafter, then the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam ordered us to multiple children. If we have many godly children, there are certainly many who will pray for us. But children also become a test for parents. How many parents are willing to sacrifice anything for their children, parents sacrifice their wealth, time, energy and everything so that their children are happy. Even there are parents who justify any means for the happiness of their children.

My first child was born prematurely through a cesarean section. This operation was performed after the condition of the baby in the womb has deteriorated. When my wife entered the hospital the baby’s heart rate was very fast, after a few days her heart rate weakened, even below normal. Then the cesarean section was a solution so that the baby was more easily monitored by her health than still in the womb. The womb age of my wife during a cesarean section was only seven months. The baby’s weight was 19 ounces. The baby was very small, so my wife and I were very worried about her condition. Because the baby’s weight was below normal, she was placed in an incubator. Initially the baby was not able to drink breast milk, after all, my wife’s breast milk was not smooth, so at first, the baby was given formula milk. Three days after birth, my wife was allowed to go home, but the baby was still being treated in an incubator. We were sad that we could not accompany the baby all the time. We could only visit our baby at certain times. We stayed at my aunt’s house because my aunt’s house was close to the hospital, so we could visit our baby at any time in the hospital. Our baby was treated in an incubator at the hospital for seven days. After seven days of treatment, our baby may be taken home provided that our baby was made an incubator at home. Then I asked my neighbor who was a carpenter to make a simple incubator, the important thing could be used to warm my baby.

After being treated for seven days in the hospital, our baby may be taken home. At first, we asked for help from the midwife to bathe our baby, after I felt my wife could do it herself, she bathed our baby. Every morning we were required to warm our babies in the sun. All my baby clothes were removed so that her whole body could be exposed to the sun. The doctor said so that our baby would not get jaundice. We were very lucky because our house was close to the midwife, so she could help us if needed.

Oh yes, when my baby was born my parents were performing the Hajj. We deliberately did not inform them not to disturb their concentration in carrying out the Hajj. We made a surprise for my parents. And when they came home from the Hajj, we welcomed them and told them that our baby was born. They were surprised and happy to see our baby. But there was also a little worry because our baby was very small.

Our advice to you who also have a premature baby, monitor the condition of your baby diligently, because premature babies sometimes have a condition that is lacking. For example our baby, it turns out there is a slight problem with her hearing. We only found out when our baby had grown up. So pay attention to your child’s condition well. Hopefully, our family is always healthy. Amen.

I Became A Father

I Became A Father

One of the purposes of marriage is to get offspring. How many people who are married really crave the presence of a child. There are those who after getting married the wife immediately gets pregnant, then the baby is born safely, there are also those who have been married for years but have not yet got offspring. Ironically there are those who are given the gift of children by the Almighty, but their children are thrown away, wasted or even killed. Even though children are our investment in the hereafter. In a hadith, the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said about deeds that would not break the reward even though we had died one of them was a godly child who prayed for us as his parents. Then it is truly a loss if we have children but the child is actually wasted or not educated to be a godly child.

I am one of the lucky ones because God has given me offspring, thank God. And really amazing, so fast God gave me a child. Before I married my wife was menstruating, right on the wedding day my wife was not menstruating. A month later it turned out that my wife was not menstruating. Then my wife took a pregnancy test, the result was that she was positively pregnant. Allah is the Greatest. So soon God gave me the trust of a child. Pregnancy was a very hard time for my wife. My wife and I undergo long-distance relationships because I worked in another city. I usually went home every two weeks. My wife lived a fairly hard life, pregnant and far away from me. We know the condition of pregnant women, especially in the early days of pregnancy, frequent vomiting, appetite and others. Even my wife’s condition lasted for months, until the time of birth. At that time the Hajj season arrived. My parents left for Hajj. My mother hoped to leave Hajj with the first group so that when my wife gave birth she could accompany her. Qodarullah, my wife gave birth faster than expected.

Wednesday afternoon I left for the city where I worked. Thursday afternoon I got news from my sister if my wife was hospitalized. So on Friday morning I went home and went straight to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital on Friday afternoon. I got a story from my wife that yesterday she was sick, high heat. Then he went to the midwife because the midwife was worried about the condition of the baby in the womb of my wife so the midwife suggested that my wife was taken to the hospital. After being hospitalized the opposite condition happened to my wife and baby in her womb. If my wife’s condition improves, in contrast to the baby in my wife’s stomach, the baby’s condition declined. Finally, the doctor advised my wife to have a cesarean operation to take the baby. Sunday morning was the day of the operation. I, my sisters and my aunt waited outside the operating room. A moment later a baby crying. We were still waiting outside worriedly. Sometime later the doctor came out of the operating room and told us if the baby was born. Allahu akbar, thank God. Wow, amazing. Then the doctor asked me to report to the registration section. Immediately I ran to the registration section, I was asked by officers, the baby boy or girl? I’m confused because I didn’t know my son or daughter. Apparently so happy and happy, I forgot to ask the doctor, my son or daughter. Various feelings were mixed in me, this was how it felt to be a father. Even though there was a little worry because my child was born at the age of the womb which was only 7 months old. Yes, only 7 months. My child was born prematurely, a baby girl weighing only 19 ounces, was very small compared to other babies in a special baby room.

Do you have experience with premature babies?

Ain, The Evil Of Eye

Ain, The Evil Of Eye

The human eye is the organ through which we can see. We use our eyes in almost everything we do. Sight is the most precious of our five sense – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. The eyesight is the mode of perception they value (and fear to lose) most.

Despite this, many people don’t have a good understanding of the bad effect of bad sight. How can? In Moslem religion, it’s called ‘ain or the evil of eye. It can occur when people amazed about someone or something and they forget to say “maasyaaAllaah” (if Allah wills). It can occur with direct views, photos or videos.

Believe or not it occur around me. It happened to my children. When they grow well and look healthy, we praise them, but we forgot to say “maasyaaAllaah or tabaarokallaah” sometime later they become sick, fever and won’t eat. Their body becomes thin and we aware that it could happen when we forgot to praise God with his pleasure to our children.
The evil of eye, it’s called ‘ain in Islam, is a disease in body or soul that caused by good sight or bad sight, that used by Satan and can be dangerous to people or something. It doesn’t make sense or hard to accept the reason. But the prophet Muhammad shallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said: “the bad eye (‘ain) is real, if something can overtake a fate, ‘ain can do it”.

How the bad eye can happen by photos and videos?
Photos of baby or kids or ourselves that we posted on social media, it can the cause of ‘ain. For example, we posted our cute baby, the baby can become sick or cry for no apparent reason. Even when we take them to a doctor and no disease in it. That can happen even though we don’t mean good or bad by looking at the photo or video. That’s the way I call the ‘ain is the evil of eye. Because it happens although we do not intend to endanger.

It is just a simple example we found in our world. Sometimes it can be an accident and a death. So, be careful with your sight, though it means good sight or a bad sight. Don’t forget to praise God. Say: “maasyaaAllaah”.