Rules of Convenience for Drinking and Eating

Rules of Convenience for Drinking and Eating

Here are some Islamic rules of propriety that should be observed when eating or drinking.

– It is recommended to pronounce the Tasmiya [mention of the name of Allah] before drinking and eating [Bismillah]. According to the most plausible opinion, this is a Sunnah practice that falls to each individual. In the same way, it is recommended to praise Allâh when one finishes eating or drinking [Al-Hamdulillah].

– The washing of the hand before eating.

– When we eat or drink, we must use the right hand by recommendation. Among the other rules of propriety of the table to be observed, one must eat on one’s side when it is about a single dish which one shares with others outside the members of his family. But when it comes to several dishes or dates, you can eat anywhere at will, when the dish is away or eating a meal with the family. This is permissible in the latter case since he must observe decorum with strangers and not with his wife [and children], to whom it is rather to observe the propriety of her husband. We will take a new bite after finishing the previous one.

– After drinking, we pass the container to who is on the right.

– It is forbidden to drink or eat in gold or silver containers. This is based on the word of the Prophet who said, “He who eats or drinks in a vessel (vessel) of silver and gold does swallow the fire of Hell in his belly. ”

– It is good (after eating) to suck his hand before wiping it. Among the good manners in the food, it is necessary to make that the belly is intended for a third to the food, for a third to the drink and for a third to the breathing.

– One must not blow in the meal or the drink. This is reprehensible because it is a practice that has been banned, because it may leave something uncomfortable or uncomfortable for its guest. same.

– It is not appropriate for anyone who has eaten leek, garlic or raw onion to enter a mosque. It is not desirable to eat while sitting on a flank or eating from the center of the dish.

– One should avoid eating a very hot meal and breathing in the container while drinking, this is forbidden in the scriptural tradition. Indeed, the Imam Muslim reports that: “The Messenger of Allah has forbidden to breathe in the container”. It is permissible to drink all at once, but the Sunnah stipulates to drink three times.

– Among the rules of convenience in drinking and eating, it is also recommended to suck the water while drinking. Ibn al-Qayyim said, “Experience has shown that swallowing water all at once causes liver pain and lowers its temperature. ” It may also be advised not to drink all at once, because of the risk of nuisance to the intestines which are filled with water suddenly, this one causing a sudden pressure and badly distributed. It is also recommended to drink in a sitting position. But there is no harm in standing up. Whatever remains best to do sitting.

– One cleans the mouth after eating as well as one takes care of the teeth to clear the remains of food. We will rinse the mouth after the consumption of milk.

– We must not leave the table before it is cleared. Because it is reprehensible to get up before the table is cleared, otherwise it is to act contrary to what is best. Because it may push others to leave the meal out of modesty, while he is still hungry.

– One must respond favorably to the invitation to the wedding dinner, by going there, if there is no obviously forbidden music or apparent sin. We are free during the wedding to eat or not. Imam Mâlik allowed refraining from answering the invitation if there is a large crowd present.

About Sleeping

About Sleeping

Three Companions [may Allah bless them] came one day to the wives of the Prophet ‏to question them about his private life by saying, “How did the Prophet live? As they recounted elements of his private life, one of them said, “As for me, I do not marry women” (Pretending to observe celibacy). The second said, “As for me, I pray and I do not sleep,” and the third said, “As for me, I fast and I do not eat . ”

Having read their words, the Prophet praised Allāh, praised Him, and said, “I know Allah better than you, I fear him more than you, but at night I pray and sleep, day, I fast and eat, and I marry women. Whoever turns away from my tradition (Sunnah) is not mine.

Regarding sleep, since this is the subject that concerns us in this article, it is obvious that the human body needs it to relax. There is no point in wanting to deprive oneself of it all the time and claiming to get closer to Allah just by means of fatigue, especially if one is not used to it, the capacity or the exceptional gift. Too too much to pull on the rope, we risk just exhausted, without more benefit.

Great Masters such as Imam al-Ghazali and ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani [may Allah be merciful to them] counseled the aspirants/disciples to sleep eight hours in twenty-four hours. On the other hand, for more efficiency, it may be wise to divide this time. Imam al-Ghazali said, “Know that night and a day are twenty-four hours. Do not sleep more than eight hours, because if you are sixty, that is enough to make you lose twenty, or one-third.

Recently, while advising people who have difficulty getting up for the Subh prayer, Sheykh Muhammad al-Yaqou’bi said, “Usually, you should not sleep continuously for more than 4 or 5 hours. So, if you go to bed (at 11 am maximum), then you should get up at 4 am without the help of anyone. If you sleep 7 or 8 hours in a row without getting up then there is something wrong with you. Sleep 3, 4, 5 hours, wake up, pray 2 rakaat and go to sleep again if you must, but do not sleep continuously. This should help you in the Subh prayer. If you wake up an hour or two before Subh, read Quran or do Dhikr, it will be considered as night worship, which is very profitable. ”

Around The City Because Of The Wrong Way

Around The City Because Of The Wrong Way

This story happened when I was in college. At that time my friend invited me to go to town S. There were 8 people who participated in the group. My group and I stayed at my friend’s brother’s house. I and the group went by car. Arriving in the city, it was still noon. We went straight to my friend’s brother’s house. After resting, praying and having lunch, I and one of my friends, just call it Ded, wanted to take a walk to know the city of S, understand that this city was still unfamiliar for us. There was a female friend who wanted to come but we forbade her.

After the evening prayer, I and Ded departed. We were both on foot, our plan was to walk for a while. Out of the house, we walked right to the port. We walked down the city streets, areas that were unfamiliar for us. When we met the traffic light, we turned right, back along the city streets. Seeing old buildings, markets, high-rise buildings, everything was the first time we saw it. After some distance we walked and met the traffic light again then we turned right again, we thought if we turn right and turn right again we would be able to go back to the original road where we left. We continued walking around the city.

It didn’t feel like we had walked for more than an hour, but we hadn’t found a place where we were going. We arrived in the city center, the town square, where many people gathered and played there. We had a rest over there while watched the crowds in the town square. After enough rest, we started walking again. We were confused about where to go, then we asked someone, “Excuse me, sir, if we want to go to‘ Paragon, where do we go? “So the man replied,” How do you go?” We answered, “we walk sir”.The man said, “Wow, it far away. Just take the bus. “We said,” Okay sir.” Then we asked another person, and the answer was the same as the first man. We were always asked how we go. We wondered how far we were from the center of the city.

Finally, we continued our journey after getting someone’s instructions. We walked again along the city streets to ‘paragon’. After half an hour we walked we finally found the road where we had left. Alhamdulillah, we were very relieved and grateful that we could return to my friend’s brother’s house. Our plan to take a walk was only half an hour, eventually becoming two and a half hours.

Escape From The Mouth Of The Tiger Enters Into The Mouth Of The Crocodile

Escape From The Mouth Of The Tiger Enters Into The Mouth Of The Crocodile

That’s about the proverbs that correspond to the events that I experienced during junior high school. The story is when I was in junior high school, I went to school by bicycle. The distance between my house and the highway is about 4 km. There were no school buses and the other that passed in front of my house at that time, so if I wanted to go to school I would walk first or take a bicycle to the highway and then proceed by a school bus or the other. If I went to school on foot I usually leave at 5 am, arrive on the highway an hour later. But if I rode a bicycle, I leave at 5.30, usually, around 20 minutes arrive on the highway.

At that time I went to school by bicycle. As usual, I left at 5.30 in the morning. I used to ride at high speed (for bicycle size). When I arrived at one corner in my way I took the wrong track, suddenly from the opposite direction, a man cycling at a high speed appeared too. I was shocked, but the distance was so close that I could do nothing more than slightly turn my bicycle. I let go and closed my eyes. And … wuuzzz … And Alhamdulillah, thank God, it turned out that I and that guy survived, we didn’t hit each other Then I looked back at the man, apparently he also saw me. We smiled relieved, happy because there was no collision. When I looked forward, it turned out that in front of me there was a ditch as wide as my front tire. So when I looked back it turned out unconsciously the speed of my bicycle was getting to the side. And this time there’s no chance for me to dodge. And … gubraakkk … the front tire of my bike entered the ditch and I was thrown forward. Both of my palms were scratched, my uniform was dirty from the ground. Alhamdulillah, luckily for me, my bike was not damaged and I was still able to continue my journey to school, even though I was holding pain and pain in my palm and dirty uniform.

So, we must always be careful on the road. Don’t forget, always obey the traffic rules and maintain courtesy on the road.

Envy (Hasad)

Envy (Hasad)

Envy (hasad) is a dangerous disease. The sin that was first committed in the sky and on the earth was envy (hasad). Envy (hasad) in the sky is when the devil was envy (hasad) of Adam so that the devil did not want to bow down to Adam, while envy (hasad) on earth is when Qobil was envy (hasad) of Habil and finally Qobil killed Habil.

Envy (hasad) is that we hate if other people get more pleasure from ourselves. If we see our brother or friend having new things for example, then hatred arises in us, then that’s envy (hasad). There is a man who sees another man who turns out to be more handsome, then dislikes the other man, so that’s envy (hasad). If any of our neighbors have a new car, then dislike arises in us, then that’s envy (hasad).

Envy (hasad) usually appears in people who are the same profession, or the same as their interests. Doctors will feel envy (hasad) of fellow doctors, farmers are envy (hasad) of farmers, traders are envy (hasad) of traders, employees are envy (hasad) of employees and so forth. If we look at a company, no employee is envy (hasad) of his manager, even though his manager might be richer or better than himself. But the employees are envy (hasad) of fellow employees, maybe because the other employees are more trusted managers than they are. In a hospital, there are rarely nurses who are envy (hasad) of doctors, doctors who are envy (hasad) of other doctors, maybe because there are more patients or others. Likewise, with an ustadz, envy (hasad) can also appear in him in other ustadz, perhaps because other ustadz are more followers or others. So this envy (hasad) can appear to anyone, no matter whether he is a poor or rich, smart or stupid and others.
How to treat envy (hasad)?

Ways to Fight Arrogant

Ways to Fight Arrogant

Arrogant is a very dangerous disease. This arrogant often arises in us without us knowing it. In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad said that would not enter heaven someone who in his heart had arrogant even though it was as big as dzarrah. Then there was someone who said that there are actually people who like to wear good clothes or good sandals. So the Prophet Muhammad said that Allah is Most Beautiful and likes beauty. Arrogant rejects the truth and humiliates humans. So the essence of arrogance is that when someone does not accept the truth that is conveyed to him and he demeans others, he feels better than others.

There are many ways to fight this arrogant, including:
1. All the strengths we have must be grateful for.
God has given us so much pleasure, if we want to calculate it we will not be able to. Among the blessings that Allah has given us are many possessions, good descendants, extensive knowledge and understanding, many skills, complete limbs and much more. When we see other people who are poorer than us, or there are people who lack intelligence, or there are people who have other disadvantages, this should make us grateful, it turns out we have certain advantages compared to others.
2. We must be aware that people like us are many, even more than us are very many.
When we feel smart in one science, then try to pay attention in other regions or other countries, it turns out we will find people who are smarter than us, maybe even more than one person. So we don’t need to feel arrogant with the knowledge we have. When we give charity to help build mosques in our village, we may nominally be the biggest alms among people who participate in charity. But let’s look at other areas, maybe there are people who are more alms than our charity. So do we deserve to be arrogant? We buy a new car. Then arrogance begins to appear in our hearts when we saw our neighbor’s old car. But if we notice that in other areas there are also people who have cars like the one we buy, even the cars are better than oursLikewise, with other things, many people have advantages over us, and we have to admit it.
3. Always remember that the reward for arrogant people is to be put into hell.
God threatens those who are proud of hell: “Enter the gates of Hell, while you dwell therein. Then Jahannam is the worst place for those who boast. “(Az-Zumar: 72)
So when arrogant begins to appear in us, remember the threat of God to those who are arrogant, that is, they will be put into the hell.

That’s among the arrogant fighting methods, hopefully useful. And we pray to God so that we are kept away from this arrogant.



Arrogant is one of dangerous heart disease. This disease afflicted the devil so that the devil did not want to bow down to Adam. This disease also afflicted Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab so they refused to accept the invitation of the Prophet Muhammad to convert to Islam. When God commanded the angels and the devil to prostrate to Adam, the devil refused and was arrogant. Devil did not want to bow down on the grounds that the devil felt better than Adam, the devil was created from the fire while Adam was created from the ground. Though there was no statement from God that fire is better than the ground.

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam reminded us of the dangers of the arrogant disease. He said that would not enter heaven someone who in his heart had arrogant even though it is as big as “dzarrah”. Dzarrah is a very small object. Among the explanations regarding dzarrah are small ants, mustard seeds, small dust that appears when there is light entering the room. So if there is little arrogant in our hearts, then we are threatened not to go to heaven. This arrogant disease is so dangerous that those who have arrogant diseases God will enter him into Jahannam (hell).

This arrogance can be caused by world affairs or religious affairs. People can be arrogant because of their wealth, or because of the position they have, or because of the clothes they wear, or because of their descent, or something else. For example, when we go to the mosque by car, at first there is no sense of arrogance in our hearts, then when we arrive at the mosque and we become the center of attention of the pilgrims, we begin to grow arrogant in our hearts. Or when we go to the mosque wearing good clothes, at first we don’t feel arrogant, but because we are the center of attention, this arrogant disease finally arises. So this arrogant disease is very easy to appear on us, especially when we become the center of attention of many people. The Prophet Muhammad advised us that if we are able to dress luxuriously but we prefer to dress modestly then in heaven we will be given good clothes by Allah.

This arrogant often arises in us without us knowing it, and there are many facilities leading to arrogance. Besides, because the world affairs as explained before, arrogant can also arise because of religious affairs. When we have memorized al Quran a lot, arrogance begins to appear in our hearts because seeing other people memorize it a little. With the knowledge of religion that we take and for more people to ask us about religion, arrogant arises in our hearts. If arrogant already understand us then we start doing what we say or what we do is really true. There are other people who advise us not to accept. This arrogant can be seen from our words, from the way we walk and others. Allah said which means: “And do not turn your face away from humans (because of arrogance) and do not walk on the earth arrogantly. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are arrogant and pride themselves. (Q. Luqman: 18)
The Prophet Muhammad said when he explained about arrogant, arrogant is rejecting the truth and demeaning humans. Hopefully, we will avoid this arrogant disease.

Be Careful With Stomach Acid or Stomach Ulcers

Be Careful With Stomach Acid or Stomach Ulcers

In conditions of a hungry stomach, eating on the beach with grilled fish dishes do indeed feel very delicious. Hot coffee and hot tea also accompanied. The drizzle that went down did not reduce our pleasure in enjoying dinner. Unfriendly electricity because it died out too many times did not reduce the pleasure of our dinner. After finishing dinner we returned to the inn.

The next day my stomach began to have problems. The stomach feels very sore, twisted, nauseous, mixed into one. I tried to keep going to work. When my friends and I stopped by the restaurant for breakfast I couldn’t enjoy it. Finally, I was no longer able to resist this stomach nausea. The contents of the stomach all came out, but it still didn’t feel comfortable yet. I tried to eat the food, but my stomach refused, what I ate immediately came out again. In a weak body and a sore stomach, I forced myself to go to work. Because I was not strong, I stood presentation while sitting, sometimes lying down.

After the presentation, I was picked up by friends, I was immediately taken to the nearest hospital to get treatment immediately. The doctor gave me a stomach acid-lowering drug. But the stomach still did not want to receive food or drink. Every time I smelt food, my stomach got sick. Even this lasted for some time. The stomach felt very hard, the most comfortable sleeping position was just tilted to the right, besides that position, the stomach felt very tormented. Conditions like this occurred for several days, various attempts have been made to make the stomach feel comfortable again, ranging from seeing a doctor, massage to acupuncture.

From this experience, my advice for readers who have problems with stomach ulcers or stomach acid, do not eat spicy when the stomach is empty. Do not let your stomach keep hungry for a long time, immediately find food even if just a little to fill the stomach. Avoid foods that trigger for stomach ulcers or increase stomach acid, such as spicy foods, acids, sticky rice and so on. Let’s take care of our diet, so we avoid disease. We wish you, healthy readers, always.

Do You Have Problems With Stomach Acid Or Stomach Ulcers?

Do You Have Problems With Stomach Acid Or Stomach Ulcers?

The ulcer is one of the problems that occur with our stomach. In Wikipedia, an ulcer or gastric inflammation or gastric ulcer is a symptom of a disease that attacks the stomach due to an injury or inflammation of the stomach that causes blisters, heartburn, and pain in the stomach.

The cause of this disease is mostly because people eat irregularly. As happened to me, it started when I was in second-grade senior high school. After going home from school which coincided with lunchtime, I often came home late because I attended activities at school. And sometimes after school, I didn’t eat because the subscribed food stalls were closed. Finally, lunch mixed with dinner. Until one day my stomach began to have a problem, suffering from ulcer disease. I felt this disease for some time later, but then it didn’t recur for some time.

Until finally after a dozen years later the disease recurred. The fastest trigger was after I ate food from sticky rice. After eating foods that come from sticky rice, then a few minutes later the stomach started to feel sore, it feels up to about 2 hours. After that, the stomach started normally again. Since that incident I did not dare to eat food that came from sticky rice which was immediately cooked, but if processed foods from sticky rice, the effect was not as severe as if food from sticky rice was cooked directly.

One day I got an assignment from the office where I worked in a remote area far from the city with several other office friends. We would stay at the lodge later. On the day of departure, my stomach began to feel troubled, uncomfortable, signs of relapse again. Arriving at our destination, we had dinner at the beach, grilled fish with spicy sauce, delicious. We promised to come there again tomorrow night. The next day I was accompanied by an anchor driver working at 6 in the morning. We have not had breakfast, hoping to meet the restaurant later. It turned out that it was only 4 pm that we ate, but it didn’t suit our tastes and stomachs. But we ate the meal because we were very hungry, even if only a little.

After finishing our work, we immediately returned to the inn, because it was getting darker while we had an appointment to go back to the beach for dinner. Arriving at our inn immediately to the beach where we had dinner yesterday. As before we ordered grilled fish with chili sauce which was quite spicy. In a state of the hungry stomach, eating like that really feels very delicious. But what happened to my stomach?

(to be continued)

Between Revelations/Proposition And Intellect

Between Revelations/Proposition And Intellect

Islam is very concerned with human reason. In many verses Allah often ends His verse with a sentence, do you not know, do you not think, do you not contemplate, do you not take lessons and so on. So Islam invites us to always think and use our intellect to carry out Islamic law. But sometimes there is a Shari’a which seems unreasonable if this is the case then which one takes precedence?

There is a story in the Qur’an when Allah finished creating Adam, then Allah ordered the angels to prostrate to Adam, but the devil refused and was arrogant. When asked why the devil did not want to bow down, he replied because he felt better than Adam. He thinks he was better than Adam because he was created by God from fire while Adam was created by God from the land. Even though there was no explanation that fire is better than land. But the devil uses his intellect to fight God’s commands.

The next story is about Isra ‘and mi’raj prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam. A very famous story of how in one night the Prophet Muhammad traveled from the Holy Mosque in Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque in Palestine, then proceeded up to the seventh heaven to receive the revelation of prayer from Allah, then went down again and returned to Mecca. The incident lasted only one night. We will definitely say the incident was an impossible thing, it makes no sense. Abu Jahal, a high ranking official of the Quraish, when he heard this story laughed at the Prophet Muhammad because according to him the incident was impossible. Abu Jahal then told the Prophet Muhammad to tell the incident to the Quraysh community. Most of them said the incident did not make sense, even some Muslims said so. But when the incident was told to Abu Bakr, he then said, even if there was a more impossible event experienced by the Prophet Muhammad he would believe it. Such was the faith of Abu Bakr. He prioritizes Allah and the Prophet Muhammad rather than his intellect. So where is our position? Follow Abu Jahal or Abu Bakr?

Even in Islamic Sharia, there are some things that don’t make sense. For example, when we pray then fart, then our prayer is canceled. All we have to do is perform ablution. If we follow reason, of course, what should be washed is the part that emits wind, in fact, all members of ablutions that are washed. Another example, a woman who experiences menstruation when fasting for Ramadan, she has the obligation to change her fast at a later time. But it was not ordered to replace the prayer, even though the position of prayer was more important than fasting. But that is the Shari’a, the basis is revelation/proposition, not intellect. So as a Muslim when we are ruled by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, what we do is we listen and we obey. There is no need to think about what are the benefits behind the order. Likewise, when we are prohibited from doing something, we stay away without our need to find out the danger from the prohibition.