Mate Is In The Hands Of Allah

Mate Is In The Hands Of Allah

Mate is the secret of the Almighty. No matter how strong our efforts get a mate, but if indeed it is not our share, it will not be ours. We just try, the results are surrendered to the Almighty. After March 9, I met the family of the girl and then told my parents what steps should be taken next. So my parents suggested that on March 15 I and my parents went to the girl’s house, submit an application, khitbah. Between those times I and the girl rarely communicated, only occasionally texting related to the next plan. Including my plans and my parents to make a proposal on March 15, I informed the girl.

According to the agreement dated March 15, my parents and my brother-in-law accompanied me to the girl’s house. But we were asked to go to his brother’s house only, the place was more spacious. The four of us left on motorcycles while enjoying the view of the mountains and the cool air of the mountains. Around 10 am we arrived there. We went straight to her brother’s house. There we were greeted by the girl, her parents, and family. On that day I could see what the girl was like, so that day was the second time I saw the girl, after the first one when I was acquainted. After introducing themselves to each other, then my father conveyed our intentions and purpose to come to the girl’s house. In essence, my father applied for the girl to be my wife. And … it turned out that our application was accepted, then at the same time my father asked when the date of the wedding. After the discussion was finally set April 12 as the date of my marriage with the girl. Wow, I would get married soon … I did not imagine before, the process of getting married was fast. Praise God. Walhamdulillaah, all praise is only God’s. He is the one who regulates everything. He is the Almighty over all things. Only to Him will we worship and only to Him will we ask for help.

Yes, I got married on April 12 with a girl I had not known before. We didn’t date before. After the proposal accepted we did not communicate except for preparations for marriage. So until my wedding day, I only saw what my prospective wife was like twice. How could that be? Married to an unknown person, not dating, meeting only twice. I don’t know, all because of the will of the Almighty. I just hope that this girl is my soul mate, can jointly build a household, have a godly offspring, and be able to go to heaven with family. Amen …

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