Did I Found My Girl?

Did I Found My Girl?

Even though I refused the offer given by my friends, they still tried to find a wife for me. Then a friend asked for the address of my parents’ house, he wanted to send a girl’s biodata through the post office. I gave the address of my parents’ house via SMS. Usually, my friend if he offered a girl will give the girl’s first news via SMS, this even immediately asked for a home address without giving information about the girl. Then the girl’s biodata was sent to my home address. The first day and the second day the letter hasn’t arrived. The third day the letter hasn’t arrived yet. My friend every day asked if the letter has arrived. Understandably my parents lived in the village, so it took days to send mail to the home address. The sixth day of the letter hasn’t arrived yet. My friend was also still diligently asking for his letter. I said if the letter hasn’t arrived today then tomorrow I would look for the letter at the nearest post office. It turned out that the letter arrived at my home in the afternoon. Then I read the letter containing the biodata of a girl. Wow, this was interesting. I then sent an SMS message to my friend if I was interested in this girl. So the time and place were arranged so that I could meet with the girl.

The time and place have been determined by my friend so that I could meet and acquaintance (ta’aruf) with the girl. I still remember the day and date. Sunday, March 1 afternoon. So that day I went to the agreed place, the house which was rented by my friend. Don’t imagine if we met face to face, sat close together and talked together, no, I was accompanied by my friend, while the girl was accompanied by my friend’s wife, and even then we talked behind the hijab. My friend started the conversation and explained the purpose of the meeting there. After that I was given the opportunity to talk with the girl together, we asked each other to get to know each other more, but I just glanced at her, I was embarrassed to see her. Even though it should be my chance to know more about her. From that meeting, I began to be strong to get to know her further. The following week I planned to visit her home, meet with her family.

On March 8, my friends and community had activities somewhere, traveling on motorcycles. Then stay at the house of one of my friends’ houses. On March 9 we returned home, but on my trip, I separated myself from the group. I invited one of my friends who was a pillion to accompany me. When I arrived at a gas station I told my friend: wear neat clothes, huh? My friend didn’t understand what I meant but he just followed my request. After that, I went to the house of the older brother of the girl, because I was asked to come to the house of her brother. Arriving at her brother’s house I met the older brother of the girl. My friend I invited just understood what I really wanted. I met the brother of the girl, conversing many things. Then I was invited to the home of the girl’s parents. A very simple house containing a simple family, only one plot with a size of no more than 8 x 6 meters. I became acquainted with the girl’s parents, conversing many things. I was increasingly interested in this family. But I did not meet with the girl. She said she was sick, so she could not see me. Then what is my next story? Did I finally marry the girl?

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