When I Wanted To Marry

When I Wanted To Marry

Married is one of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam. For young people who have been able to get married, the Prophet Muhammad was ordered to get married soon. Likewise for parents who have a daughter, if there is someone who has a good religion who wants to marry his daughter then it is advisable to accept the proposal.
Then what about me? I had a desire to get married at the age of 25 years. Qodarullah my wish is not achieved. Because my condition was not established at that time, so my parents did not give my blessing. Finally, I decided I would not discuss marriage until I was really ready. If someone offered me a woman to marry then I refused.

One day I worked in one city. A few months working there I was convicted of gallstone disease, the doctor advised me to take the gallstones surgery. After undergoing surgery I rested at home for a while to recover from the condition. On that occasion, it crossed my mind to get married. While the time was still loose during the recovery period and has not returned to work. If I have returned to work later, I would be busy with work again.

I conveyed my desire to get married to my friend. I said if I want to get married, I asked him for help if there is an acquaintance of a woman whom I have never known before and matches with me so I would marry her. I didn’t want to if I have known the woman before. I also conveyed this to my other friends. Then there were some friends began to offer me women who were ready for marriage. A friend offered me a widow with a child, I didn’t want to, because I wanted a girl. There are also those who offer me women older than me, I also didn’t want to, I wanted women who are younger than me. There was another who offered me a woman whose house was far away, across the island. I didn’t want to, I felt sorry for my parents if they have a distant daughter-in-law. Then my first friend gave me the biodata of a girl, incidentally, at that time, I played at my friend’s house. I read the girl’s biodata, it was very interesting, but when I arrived at the latest writing about her activities, I backed away. I did not want to marry an activist woman, because I was worried that with her busy life it will reduce family time. The criterion of the woman I wanted was a girl, younger than me, her house was not too far from my parents’ house, not richer than me, and of course a godly woman. Then which woman did I marry?

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