I Found Him

I Found Him

I ventured to send a message to him, asked what he wanted to do next. Wanted to continue the ta’aruf process or not. Unexpected the answer came, he wanted to continue the ta’aruf process. He asked my home address, wanted to visit home & introduce himself to my family. I was confused after receiving the message, what should I do? How if my parents reject it ?? Whereas my condition was really not good at that time. I asked my father to take me home, went to the doctor & got a rest at home. Anyway, I had to be healthy first, whatever happened, I had to be ready.

Finally, he came home with his friend. I couldn’t meet with him because my condition was still weak, I just heard from my room. Do you know what surprised me? My father accepted the proposal. Subhanallah walhamdulillaah wallohu Akbar .. Alhamdulillaah, all praise just for Allah … something amazing happened to me. When I have lost hope, only Allah was my last hope, and then Allah gave the answer …surprised, happy & emotion mixed up at that time. When it was immediately my pain turned into pleasure … it turned out that with this pain, Allah wanted to make it easy.

A week later he came home with his parents and brother-in-law. Came to do a formal marriage application and to determine the date of the wedding. they set the date 12 April 2009 as our wedding date. The process was so fast, maasyaaAllah, one month from the first we met. At that time I was 23 years old, and my husband was 29 years old. Believe it or not, we married without being based on love. we married because of Allah, insyaaAllah. And thank God we now have 3 children, 1 daughter, and 2 sons.
That’s the story from my wife. Her story about how she met and married me. Yes, we didn’t know each other before, and then we met and married. We were married without dating before. How it can? Because our religion forbids us for dating before marriage. Thank god that we can do that.

And then how about my own story? I will tell you later, insyaaAllah.

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