The First Time I Met A Genie

The First Time I Met A Genie

This is my wife’s real spooky story. Satan/devil and the genie is God’s creation that we cannot see. But it’s popular with named “ghost”. They can be seen by the will of Allah, because of our fears, or because of their strength. Our fears are one source of their strength. They exist but their existence is invisible to humans. So before you begin to read these stories, say Bismillaah (with the name of Allah). And then ta’awudz: A’uudzubillaahi minasy syaithoonirrajiim (I took refuge in Allah from the accusation of the accursed devil).

This story began when I was in senior high school. There was no stranger that night, I got out of my house to wash my face & brush my teeth before taking a nap. For information, I live in a small house with 2 small bedrooms, a kitchen, a small bathroom & a little shop. And the house was only 8×6 meters in size. Yes, very small for a house in a village. I live there with my parents. In front of my house, there were a road village & rice fields. The back side of the house was a rainwater reservoir. Continue the story, I got out of the house & turn the faucet of the rainwater reservoir. My position was facing the road and there was nothing but the darkness of the rice fields. I began to brush my teeth, suddenly I looked at the road. I saw a figure in a large black and white robe standing floating with an invisible face looking at my house. I saw the figure for a few seconds, then I looked away. When I looked back at it earlier, it turned out that the figure was gone. I did not want to think about anything about the figure, I finished my toothbrush immediately and washed my face and immediately went into the house. Trying to forget what I just saw and got some sleep. Maybe just plastic that the farmer has installed to drive the birds away. Tomorrow morning, I would try to check it again.

The next morning, I tried to find out what I had seen last night. Looked around the location that was visible from where I was standing last night. there was nothing there, not even the plastic I thought the farmers had installed to drive the birds away. Completely empty… only a green expanse of rice plants. Then what did I see last night? Even though it was still early, if the farmer released the bird’s repellent, of course, I saw the rest of the installation. I didn’t want to bother thinking about this, but I was wrong… Apparently, it was the first time I saw a creature named genie. And it was the beginning of the vision of supernatural beings.

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