Kidnapped by Genie

Kidnapped by Genie

On this occasion I will tell you about the incident experienced by my aunt’s grandfather-in-law, let’s call him Mr. Joy. The true story of Mr. Joy. He was a hardworking farmer. Early in the morning after the morning prayer, he had left for the rice fields. He went home for a while in the afternoon for lunch, prayers and rest, then left again for the rice fields. He was well-known as a devout Muslim, diligently worshiping, praying, reading the “Qur’an,” and other worship.

Until one day, as usual, he went to the rice fields. Coming home from the rice fields in the afternoon, he put his hoe behind the house. After that suddenly he felt that someone had brought him to a very strange place, he was left in one place. Instead of entering into his own house, but a place he had never entered into it. It was like a human settlement, but it was not clear who they were. That looks just like human traffic. Until finally it was clear to him that it turned out that they were not human, but the genie group. It turned out that he had been taken by the genie into their realm. Realizing this, he asked the genies to return him to his house, but the genies did not want to approve. So Mr. Joy lived in the world of genies for a while.

Meanwhile, at the same time, there was a furor at Mr. Joy’s house. The family found him in a lifeless condition behind the house. Of course, the family in particular and the villagers in general, felt sad to see that incident. This morning Mr. Joy was still healthy, in good health, still going to the fields, but in the afternoon he was found dead. Finally the next day the family and villagers buried Mr. Joy’s body in the village cemetery.
Then what happened to Mr. Joy next?

To be continued

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